The department executes the training plan after recognizing the core competencies of students and consistently tracks the students’ performance to ensure improvement through periodic assessment tests. These periodic assessment tests aid students identify their areas of strength which they can upgrade further, and their areas of improvement which they can focus on. Students are given training by prominent and experienced Trainers to enable them to acquaint to the current corporate requirements, to improve their skills like Personality Development , Communication Skills, Aptitude Tests, Interview Technique, Group Discussions, Technical and Personality Interviews which are all required for getting them the suitable jobs. The soft skill training is mandatory for all the students which impart to make them competent and Inspired Engineers.



• To enhance the employability skills among the students to meet out the corporate expectations.
• To improve the industry – institute relationships
• To place all the students in the prospective IT and Core Companies.
• To enhance the student’s interest towards the entrepreneurship and business strategies.

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