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About: Department of Computer Science & Application

The Department of Computer Science and Application at the university is a cornerstone of innovation and research. Whether it is programming, thinking algorithmically, solving problems through logic building or working on network administration and information security, the department does it all. Students here find a constructive environment that provides an intellectual outlet for scholarly work and appreciation of the theory in applicative research germane to the industry. SAMS offers highly sought after computer science courses like BCA-3 Years, MCA – 2 Years.

Life on Campus

SGI is a leading centre of learning and excellence in Bangalore, Karnataka offering ample scholarships to reward academic achievements and sports. Students learn a great deal about human-computer interaction and techniques for designing and analysing user interfaces. The quality of computer science faculty here provide a broad exposure to students in the subject matter developing practical, applied skills and the resourcefulness in handling problems more effectively. The campus has an extensive diversity of students and extra-curricular activities that promote academic pursuits in a comprehensive array of educational and cultural programs. SGI provides world class facilities on campus and a very enterprising pedestal for personal growth helping each student transition into powerful computer science graduates that are capable of solving computationally intensive problems

Computer Science as a Career Choice

Computer Science is an emerging field to pursue that treads way for taking up powerful jobs in the industry with established multi-nationals across the world. SGI offers tremendous opportunities in IT to graduates that can venture into many diverse fields like database management, programming, security, data handling, information processing systems, communication systems, networking and a lot more.

What you will learn at SAMS, SGI:

  • Adapt new ideas
  • Logic Building
  • Programming languages
  • Technical application
  • Teamwork
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