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Did you define me for others; no not yet, why? You made me ageing but I am agile! You made me so much elegant but who says! I am the scenic in my small domain of peace/future I dream, But reality is dualism! I am not my name and fame, nor the size the clothes, not the weight, But you only forget your creation! I am the sweetest of the sweet of my joie de vivre, at-home, the-feeling, The-future, the-place, and the-people I love, But then why did you made me to forget! I say I am defined, algebraic but you say I am not! I am ecstatic, please listen to me and talk to myself Oh God, You are Thee, Thy of me, Within me, Salutations to You from your Not-the-Fortunate Child.

I don’t merely take them to the doctor; I have to conscientize telling them that one day we have to change the situation not only in their countries but also in the whole world. Mikhail Gorbachev says: “The victor is not the one who wins battles in a war but the one who ensures peace; we are the one humanity, one earth and live under one sun”. India’s Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi recently urged for a ceasefire and said India believes there will be no winner in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and all will suffer losses. Real peace can be achieved only on the condition of demilitarized politics and demilitarized international relations. No wonder Gorbachev and Putin could ever have become friends; the former in an article for the newspaper Russia Global Affairs writes: “No challenge or threat facing humanity in the 21st century can be solved militarily; no major problem can be solved by one country or group of countries in an all-out effort.”

 When Gorbachev was presented the Nobel Peace Prize in Moscow in 2018, he named the three main tasks “disarm, disarm and disarm” and meant Russia and NATO; only then will peace be possible” but nothing has been done in this regard by the International community. In response to the query about the danger of a nuclear war, he said, “A nuclear war would be the last war of mankind, because after that there would be no people left to fight another war.” Once asked during a television interview from where he got the strength for his visionary politics; he pointed to his wife Raissa, who was standing behind the camera, and said, “This is where my power is.” She laughed and waved back. The Gorbachevs are the greatest political lovers of our time, we owe the end of the Cold War, peaceful German unity and surely Gorbachev was the greatest disarmamentist of all times.

Ukraine President Zelenskyy said he wanted the Asian counties to change their attitude towards his country as Europe did following the Russian invasion; some NATO member’s underestimated Ukraine which forced the alliance to not accept it as a member, calling it a “gross mistake”. He made the remarks when the US and other Western allies are attempting to persistently persuade India to remain away from Russia and join them in condemning its close defense partner. India has repeatedly called for a cessation of violence but refrained from joining any West-led sanctions against Russia.


Multiple times in the past Zelensky has said he would strike a peace deal during his Presidency but he forgets now. Yes, he wants a strategic place for Ukraine; he should ensure world peace as committed at any cost. The world cannot ignore Russian tyranny too. One of the influential and powerful world leaders, President Putin, has resorted to ‘War’ as his conflict management style, and how wrong we were to think it involved dialogue, negotiations and diplomacy. Though it is difficult to predict the trajectory of this war, it is undoubtedly redefining the way we understand and manage conflict, contrary to what we learned in Management Schools. And equally compelling is the remarkable leadership style of President Zelensky that leaders in all spheres of life may want to understand and imbibe but nor is his readiness for the war is the only indicator of patriotism.


Then who is at fault, Putin or Zelensky? What about them who lost their lives and who fled away from their own soil to be refugees elsewhere; who’s responsible? We pray: Oh God, lead us from the Unreal to the Real; lead us from Darkness to Light; lead us from Death to Immortality; may there be peace in celestial regions, on earth; may the waters be appeasing; may herbs be wholesome and trees and plants bring peace to all; may all beneficent beings bring peace to us; may the Vedic Law propagate  peace all through the world; may all things be a source of peace to us and may thy peace itself bestow peace on all and may that peace come to me also. I realize both of them should realize subtle power of the above prayer and return to normalcy thus facilitate common men and women of both countries lead a very normal life; more important the World should not be divided into blocks because of their selfish interest.


Both Putin and Zelensky should understand Indian prayer ‘may harmony transmit there in the whole sky just as in the tremendous ethereal space all over the place; may harmony rule all over this world, in water and in all herbs, trees and creepers; may harmony stream over the entire universe, may harmony be in the Supreme Being Brahman. Dear Brothers Putin and Zelensky, please position yourself across the table and start dialogue why both of you don’t see eye to eye, why are you killing your fellow citizens and why don’t you lead a peaceful co-existence enjoying the beauty of both the Nations. Remember Gorbachev and if required talk to him to show you the right path. Indians only can give you the just and right solution whether you have to resort to war or live in peace.


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